By the indigenous. For the world.


NDPonics is an indigenous-founded-and-led private non-profit foundation in Virginia. We are indigenous, we are for indigenous, and for the world. NDPonics shares the same values as other indigenous people around the world - to protect and enhance the natural habitat we live in, which in turn ensured our survival for tens of thousands of years.

NDPonics works to build indigenous self-reliance and traditional ecological havens through land conservation, cultural rejuvenation, enabling food production, energy self-sufficiency, and energy efficiency. NDPonics is dedicated to purchasing, preserving, and restoring lands in this mountainous region of Blue Ridge, Virginia, containing areas of spiritual and historic significance to the indigenous people of the hills.


We are currently focused on reclaiming, restoring, and protecting the natural habitat of the indigenous people of the hills in Virginia. In 2018-2019 NDPonics achieved conservation easements on ~180 acres of privately held forest parcels in the state. In 2019-2020 we permanently protected 79 acres bordering both the 180 acres and National Forest. In 2021, we extended this protected area by another 57 acres. A 335 acre wildlife corridor connecting Adam's Peak Road-less Area to Coates' Mountain has been established as a result of our work.

A constellation of organizations has come together in support of our conservation projects. We continue to acquire land, place conservation easements, and work with BIPoC communities to engage in traditional forest management and permaculture lifeways.

Pictures and videos on this site are taken on NDPonics lands.


Our values lie at the intersection of many goals including wildlife corridor expansion, forest preservation, remediation and ecosystem restoration, American Chestnut recovery, tribal sovereignty, cultural rejuvenation, and environmental justice. Traditional indigenous language, culture, knowledge, and lifeway can only be passed down by being expressed and practiced in the environment they were nurtured in. Supporting the preservation of our natural habitat enables us to be ourselves. We protect that which protects us.

We would love to hear from other traditional indigenous groups and allies. Contact us at hello@ndponics.org.